• Exceptional Customer Service

    “Since working with UMS, our water usage has been reduced by up to 49% year over year and up to 90% of the cost eliminated. Furthermore, UMS has provided consistent and exceptional after sales service”.

    - Gary Ellis, Executive Director

  • Reduce and Control Utility Costs with UMS

    “UMS has submetered two condominium communities for us so far. In one community water usage has dropped in half and the other one the bill went down 30% the first month! Without a doubt, UMS has been the right choice for our communities.”

    - Paul Bolte, Senior Association Manager

  • Wide Range of Utility Management Solutions

    “We work closely with UMS to control our water costs. UMS was the perfect match in regards to technology and install flexibility that allowed a water submeter install even though we have "multiple points of entry" into each unit. I would recommend UMS to anyone.”

    - George Neel, Apartment Owner

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Utility Management Solutions

Utility Management Solutions (UMS) offers a wide range of utility management solutions for property owners and managers of multi-family and commercial communities to reduce or eliminate water, gas and electric costs. All submetering systems are wireless, remotely read and can be customized to fit your specific requirements. UMS specializes in water submetering, gas submetering, electric submetering and billing services.

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Billing Services

UMS offers the widest range of Utility Billing Services ranging from self billing to full “turnkey” meter reading, billing and collection services. Our services include multiple pay options for your residents, 24 x 7 report and account on-line access as well as electronic data exchange for your property managers and much more to provide the most accurate and ease of use service in the industry. We support all types of submetering and billing methods.

Water Services

water submetering

UMS offers water submetering solutions regardless of the plumbing type in your building. If your building has a central boiler for hot water usage, there is a good chance will we need to use a "Point of Use" solution. If there is a hot water heater in each unit, we more than likely will be able use one standard 3/4" meter.

Electric Services

electric submetering

Electric submeters can be at individual breaker panels in the apartment or at central distribution panels. Our system offers the highest quality, most technologically advanced solutions for multi-unit electric submetering. Developed specifically to be of high quality and low cost this system offers reliable, accurate and easy installation.

Gas Services

gas submetering

Gas or heat submetering can be performed using gas submeters or runtime devices. Our gas submeters are designed to accurately measure the volume of natural gas used for domestic appliances. The gas usage is then used to determine individual unit billing.